no calm before the storm

So many things are happening all at once that I’m only barely managing to keep up!

There’s NYFW (which in of itself is a whirlwind), the arctic blast that’s currently overtaking the city (I’ve come to the conclusion that the closest thing I’m getting to a man this season is a snowman), Valentine’s Day (whether you have a Valentine or not, remember that self love is so important), and the fact that suddenly all my friends are having their birthdays (being nearly a year younger than everyone, I will just be here, celebrating my youth).

eastvillage 6
coat: rag & bone | sweater: second-hand | jeans: joe’s jeans | bag: jerome dreyfuss | boots: ann taylor

Then, next week, midterms start. Can anyone explain to me the logistics of an indifference curve? I need to know, because my grade will not be indifferent!

eastvillage 11

I’ve tentatively decided to major in Economics, but it could possibly be Art History tomorrow, so please don’t take my word for it. I just want to learn everything, and if I could, I would probably be a student forever.

eastvillage 10

eastvillage 7

I’ve been obsessed with Yelp lately, bookmarking a whole slew of restaurants I would like to try out. The offerings in this city are innumerable, and there are so many places that look too good to miss.

My favorite foods are probably eggs and eggplants, and it must be a coincidence that they both happen to have the word ‘egg’ in them. I’m organized, but not that organized.

eastvillage 4

eastvillage 5

My ensemble this week has been consistent: a long coat to keep out the wind, a sweater (or two), trousers, and a pair of booties. It’s just so easy to throw on and look composed.

If you happen to live in the city, please let me know of any restaurants you love!

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no calm before the storm

refined destruction: Ev Bessar Fall/Winter ’16

NYFW is unmistakably here – you can’t miss the plethora of IG and Twitter posts with the nondescript #nyfw taking up every other pixel – and one of the most dynamic collections I’ve seen so far was presented last night by Ev Bessar for her F/W ’16 line.

eastvillage 14

The heart pummeling music sets in, and the show starts.

The pieces has raw and deconstructed textures – think bounds of rope and thick crochet. There was a sense of refined chaos that was only subdued by the streamlined silhouettes.

eastvillage 13

Several of the models had their faces partially or completely covered, which makes me curious as to how many times they had to rehearse the walk so that they didn’t hike off the stage. Maybe it’s model instinct.


Quilt and leather in various shades of grey: an exploration of the unorthodox, for when you want to look undone and badass at the same time.


A little rumpled, a little more than a little complicated, all shrouded in darkness.

eastvillage 8

Topped up (bottomed off?) with some Dr. Martens.

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refined destruction: Ev Bessar Fall/Winter ’16


I get a little top heavy once the temperatures start becoming younger than me.

I was walking on the sidewalk last week, absentmindedly thinking about what I should eat for my (approximately) sixth meal of the day, when suddenly my legs started slipping out from under me. Thankfully, I caught myself with a wobbly little slide and hop maneuver before gravity could prevail. And that’s when I noticed that the sidewalks were shiny. Ice.

sweater & jacket: second-hand | jeans: joe’s jeans | boots: jimmy choo | beanie: saks

The temperatures have now reached the freezing point. I am not an ice skater, so there is no grace in the way I contend with these once-former-puddles. I can only try to keep my internal organs from suffering the same fate.

Scarves, beanies, ear muffs, layers and layers of sweaters – whatever it takes. As long as my upper body is bundled, the rest of me will be warm.


The second semester of classes have started, and although resting and breathing time has been limited, I enjoy being busy.

I’ve been running around like a madman trying to get everything done, but I’d rather be a little tired from being constantly occupied than be inefficient with too much time to kill.

On a side note, I recently saw that Dior has expanded their Lip Glow collection, and now they’ve added a lilac shade. Their original pink one has permanent residence in my hand bag, and is probably my most used lip product. I really want to try the lilac one, maybe I can keep it next to the pink one for, you know, variation.


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old friends


Nothing compares to the pleasure of seeing old friends again, and having everything return to exactly what is was before you separated ways.

There’s no fumbles or awkward exchanges to be had. It’s authentic conversation that reminds you of why you guys are friends in the first place.


When you can laugh and kid about the silliest things and then somber up to address the more serious conversations, and it’s genuine humor and sincere mind-sharing that could go on for (you think) for ever, there’s something special there to value.


One of my closest and longest friends came to visit me from upstate a few days ago, and we had a blast.

It was nice to relax and worry about where we want to go for dinner (which is indeed a debacle – we take our food very seriously) rather than when the next problem set is due.

But back to reality, since exams begin next week.

Deep breaths in, slow ones out.


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old friends

the C word

On the weekends, if the weather is nice, I find it difficult to lock myself up and do my homework. The sun is beaming, the birds are chirping, and you want me to do problem sets? Instead, I’ve been hauling myself out of my cute and cozy Twin XL (you have to be positive about these situations) and into civilization.


The architecture in NYC is indescribably beautiful. And the added charm is the graffiti you’ll undoubtedly find around the corner of a small street.


Apparently, I really like macaroons. I thought they were just mini cookie sandwiches, so what’s the big deal? I have had a change of heart. They are small, decadent morsels of joy that have the extra glamour of a delicious filling. And they’re so colorful, I could almost use them as decorations.

pistachio, spiced pumpkin, chai, vanilla

I think I’ve tried almost every flavor from the bakery near me, and they’re all yummy, but pistachio takes the cake.


Chobani has a stand alone shop in Soho, and after you finish your yogurt, you get to keep the glass bowls. Enough of the paper plates, I now have a glass bowl to keep my Kraft Mac and Cheese in.

I also went to Magnolia Bakery a few days ago. I tried their banana pudding and I’m telling you, my life has changed for the (so much) better. Banana pudding will never be the same again. They also have a banana pudding cupcake, which I am dying to try. They didn’t have it the day I went, so I opted for the banana cream pie, and to my childish delight, the center part was filled with banana pudding. Ok, I’ll stop now.


Then, yesterday, I was milling around in Greenwich Village with my friend Aimee, who I dragged along with me to find pumpkin pie. Pumpkin season is so short, I have to take advantage while I can, right? Unfortunately, the store we went into told us that the batch from the night before was burned, so no pie. Dejected, I walked home and Aimee went on her way to yoga. There is no happy ending to this story, I am still looking for my pumpkin pie.


In terms of work I should be doing, I’m currently reading Dante’s Inferno for my English class. Sometimes I can relate.

I know the rule is to not say the C-word until after Thanksgiving, but I am so excited for _________! I don’t know why I am so enthusiastic about it this year, but bring me the tunes and my stockings, I’m ready to celebrate.

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the C word

the perfect blue overcoat…

…is finally mine! I’m rather short, and finding a coat that doesn’t swallow me alive requires leaps and hurdles, and occasionally walking through a ring of fire.

the perfect blue overcoat

I’ve managed to get my grubby hands on this beautiful pale blue coat from Zara, and it’s been perfect for this cloudy weather that has decided to take long term residence in NYC.

the perfect blue overcoat

The lighter color of this blue overcoat is less imposing than a darker full-length piece, which keeps it from overwhelming my frame.

the perfect blue overcoat

With the time change, it’s dark by 4:00 pm and I’m desparately craving for more light. More daylight means more opportunities to explore and less of me walking into poles.

the perfect blue overcoat

I promise, I’m not texting away on my phone. Poles literally sprout from the ground in front of me.

the perfect blue overcoat

If only I had night vision.

the perfect blue overcoat

Then poles wouldn’t grow from the ground to attack me.

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the perfect blue overcoat…

bleary sundays

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t seem to focus and everything seems to be a blur? It’s a hazy feeling, and productivity seems to evade you completely.

Bleary Sundays

That was me earlier, and all I wanted to do was drown in the warm sunlight that was shining through the windows.

Bleary Sundays

On a day like this, I opted for boyfriend jeans, a light sweater, and a pair of comfy sneakers to lounge around in.

I’ve also been loving this AG for Alexa Chung tote emblazoned with “Sacred Monster.” I have a newfound love for totes, because even though they’re not the most organized option, they’re easy to throw everything in and go. And it fits my laptop!

Bleary Sundays

It’s midterm week, and I have exams I need to be studying for.

My Italian is mediocre at best, and the only way I’m memorizing the order of the planets is “My Very Excellent Mother Just Made Us Nine Pies” but I have to remember to leave out the “pies”, since Pluto is no longer a planet.

Other than making a few more trips to the library, my next order of business is to carve at least one pumpkin before Halloween. And then bake something from the leftover pumpkin. Any ideas?

Have a wonderful week!

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bleary sundays